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You can now inherit particles, attributes, sections, and even entire layouts from one outline to another.

Layout / Section Inheritance

Inherit or clone entire layouts, as well as individual sections, to quickly configure the perfect website. Layout management has never been this easy.

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Particle / Atom Inheritance

Particles and atoms can now be synced together enabling you to quickly and easily configure and manage content throughout your website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Particles are customizable blocks that form the front-end, from placeholders to self contained content and functions.
The Styles settings allows for customizing the stylistic elements of the template, such as links, font or background colors.
The Layout manager provides drag-and-drop functionality with power to move, resize, and configure content in seconds.

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I love Citadel. Keep up the excellent work. Very easy to use. Citadel is a Gantry 5 dream template! - Shawn Avery
Can't imagine life without it! Citadel has really helped our business. I am so pleased with this theme. - Lacy South